S1:E18 – Somebody’s Watching

Content notes: stalking, home invasion, gun violence


I definitely remember this episode based on the Netflix description because I believe it’s the one where Reid gets some action and is super badassdorable.  Let’s see if I’m right.  We open on LA, all bright lights, highways, Hollywood, glamour, etc.  We see Reid and Gideon in an art gallery talking to an old high school friend of Reid’s, a tall, well-dressed, handsome black man.  Gideon looks super pissed off to be there, despite the fact that Reid tells his friend he’s an art enthusiast.  Reid’s friend introduces him to a pretty blonde woman, who he says is a “movie star,” and she equivocates, saying she’s just in a tv show, and Reid gets all super awkward.  Aw.  Suddenly his friend kicks out a photographer who is trying to take pictures of the blonde woman.

Her dark-haired, incredibly sexy friend hits on Gideon, which is hilarious.  She is super, super hot, and very, very much My Type, swoon.

s1e18 hot1

Reid and the blonde woman continue to talk, she seems impressed with Reid’s FBI connections.  Reid and Gideon are in town to lead a training session, he tells her.  Gideon, uncomfortable at the dark-haired woman’s advances, drags Reid out of the gallery “NOW,” which is kind of shitty.  I do not like that man.

We then cut to Reid and Gideon lecturing about serial killers, which continues in voiceover as we watch an attractive, thin blonde woman get attacked in her home by a person wearing a black motorcycle helmet.  Her boyfriend comes home to find her dead, with a gunshot wound in her head, and then he is shot by the motorcycle helmet person.


Reid and Gideon are being driven to the airport by one of the local police they were teaching, an extremely attractive Asian man in a suit with really great cheekbones (can you tell I love a man with cheekbones?).  The detective gets a call about the double homicide, and asks if Reid and Gideon would like to take a look before they depart.  Of course they do, they are crimefighters who never sleep or relax or have personal lives!  Reid’s hair is a little bit floppy in this scene, but is back to being weird and tucked behind his ears in the next.

Gideon, Reid, and Detective Kim (? can’t quite hear what he says, maybe we should just call him Detective Cheekbones) arrive on the crime scene.  They look at the bodies, and note that the woman’s injuries are different than the man’s, and Det. Cheekbones says there’s security camera footage showing a messenger or courier wearing a motorcycle helmet, and further notes some other, similar, cases recently.  The victims are all entertainment industry folks and all killed with the same kind of weapon.  Gideon calls in the rest of the team.

Plane.  The rest of the team discusses the case, and Hotch notes that the killer may have observed them for some time since he appeared to know their schedule.  At the PD, the team delivers a profile of an “assassin,” of which there are 4 types.  Our unsub, they tell us, is “delusional.”  As they talk, a shortish older man comes in, saying his client (he’s an agent), has received a threatening note.  Reid and Morgan go to talk to the woman, who is the blonde woman from the gallery.  Her name is Lilah?  Lila?  Anyway, the team talk to her.  She is pretty enough I guess but not really my thing.  Ugh, Reid, wash your hair!

s1e18 ew

The team notes that the victims are all related to Lilah, either as rivals for parts, a director who wouldn’t hire her, or just similar-looking actresses.  Lilah can’t handle knowing people may have been killed because of her (understandable!), and hurries out of the PD, pursued by Reid.  Reid lets her know the situation is serious, that there’s an “erotomanic stalker” trying to win her affections by killing her rivals.  The team, meanwhile, updates the PD with info on erotomanic stalkers, who have a fantasy relationship with a famous person and will do anything to get their attention, referencing some of the more famous ones (Hinckley, Bardo).

Cut to Lilah on set arguing with her agent about police protection.  She commiserates a bit with a blonde woman wearing a headset, who hands her the day’s scripts.  In the envelope is another note, that says “I’ve always been good to you, why would you go to the police?”  Reid, Gideon, Morgan, and Det. Cheekbones hang out in Lilah’s trailer and analyze the language of the note, verb tenses, etc.  Mmm cheekbones.

s1e18 det cheekbones

Morgan suggests maybe getting Lilah “off the street,” which she objects to.  I have a feeling that this is going to be another of those repetitive episodes, where we have this same argument a lot, so I’m going to breeze past it.  Reid is left to keep an eye on her, while Gideon goes to talk to her manager.  Reid adorably awkwards at her, and nearly dies of an aneurysm when she takes her robe off to reveal an extremely skimpy bikini (her tv show is about beach volleyball, which honestly seems pretty realistic).

Gideon, Hotch, and Elle arrive at the agent’s office to find he’s been shot in the head, just like the blonde actress.  He calls Reid and tells him to get Lilah to her home, but not to tell her about her agent.  Gideon and Hotch discuss how the plan of cutting off access to Lilah will hopefully draw out her stalker.  Elle finds some paparazzi photos of Lilah, candid nude shots of her, on the agent’s desk.  She calls Morgan and Det. Cheekbones and gives them the name of the photographer, so they go follow up that lead.  Reid discusses safety measures with Lilah back at her house, which is ultra-modern in a way I’m not a huge fan of.  He seems to freak her out with all his stalking advice.  He notices a piece of artwork on the wall, a photographic collage she says she really likes.

Morgan and Det. Cheekbones bust into the paparazzo’s darkroom, finding lots of candid shots of Lilah and other actresses.  They find a call sheet from Lilah’s show, which he definitely shouldn’t have, and photos from as recently as yesterday, showing Lilah and Reid together.  Morgan calls Reid and lets him know that the paparazzo may be the unsub, just as someone wearing a motorcycle helmet on a motorcycle zooms around the corner, shooting at them!  Det. Cheekbones is hit!  Noooo!  It’s ok, though, it’s just his shoulder.  Cut to ambulance, flashing lights, etc.

Back at Lilah’s house, Reid is intrigued by the collage he noticed earlier.  Lilah goes for a swim, despite Reid’s objections, and tries to get him to join her.  During the pool scene, we keep getting shots through a camera taking pictures from the bushes.  As he goes to help her out of the pool, she pulls him in, laughing.  He’s not very amused since he was wearing his gun and the pool did nothing for his hair.  She grabs him and kisses him and I die of jealousy.  Reid tries to tell her it’s inappropriate but doesn’t seem very convinced, and she is extremely persistent.  God his cheekbones in this scene you guys.

s1e18 reid cheekbones

Reid tells her about her manager’s death and she finally stops trying to undress him.  Sadly.  She is very upset and finally gets out of the pool, and is angry at Reid.  In the bushes, Morgan pulls a gun on the paparazzo, and drags him onto the patio to question him.   Blahblah paparazzo has to get the shot or he don’t get paid blahblah.  Morgan pulls the film (?!) from his camera and destroys it, which Reid appreciates.

Back inside, Reid, wearing a beige hoody with floppy hair, tries to comfort Lilah.  Gideon comes in behind Reid, and lets her know that Reid was told not to tell her about her agent.  Gideon leaves.  It’s weird.  Just a very weird scene.  As Lilah talks about her time at Juilliard, Reid notices something weird about the photo collage.  He tells her he needs to take it apart, and calls in the rest of the team.  As they pull the photos apart and put them back together, they realize it’s a collage of pictures of Lilah, from her college days at Juilliard to her first acting jobs.  She says that Reid’s highschool classmate is the one who gave it to her, so Gideon, Elle, and Morgan go to the gallery to ask him about it, leaving Reid by himself to guard Lilah from a crazed serial killing stalker, with a wet gun and sweats on.  Ok.

At the gallery, Reid’s friend has no idea what they are talking about, he didn’t make the collage, but, he admits, he did give it to her.  This episode is just chock-a-block with wonderful cheekbones.

s1e18 hot2

He says that he was given the piece to give to Lilah but he told her it was from him, to get her to like him.  The piece was from a woman named Maggie, who works on Lilah’s show.  Maggie is the unsub!  Gideon updates Reid, who updates Lilah, who just at that moment gets a call from Maggie!  Yet more perfect timing, what ARE the odds.  Reid calls Garcia and gets her tracking the call.  Lilah keeps Maggie talking, who is doing some wonderful crazy-eyed crazy person acting.  Maggie confesses her love, and Lilah is like “woah.”

Garcia realizes THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.  She actually says that.  Garcia calls for backup just as they hear Maggie upstairs.  Reid is like “WTF Lilah how did she get in???” and Lilah is like “oh yeah she has keys.”  Christ.

Reid and Lilah go upstairs oh god wait hang on

s1e18 oh dear god

Anyway they go upstairs looking for Maggie, and Maggie jumps out, pointing a gun at Lilah.  She crazies all up on Lilah, saying she created her, and they have to go.  Lilah is not super excited about that plan.  Reid tries to convince Maggie that Lilah loves him and they kissed, so it’s over and Maggie needs to let Lilah go.  Lilah goes along with it as much as possible, until Maggie lets her guard down, and Reid wrestles the gun away from her and points it at her, and Maggie screams at him to just shoot her, but Reid of course is being all compassionate and like “we’re going to get you help, it’s ok.”

s1e18 geezy pete

Good god y’all.

We cut to Reid and Lilah trying to say goodbye, as she is harried by her new agent.  Reid’s hair and cheekbones are sad to say goodbye.  Gideon comes and tells him he has to go, that fucking guy.  Gideon, 30 fucking seconds won’t matter ok?  You have a private jet, there’s no timetable here.  Reid squeezes her shoulder and leaves.

Plane quote: Bernard Shaw on privacy.

Back at the BAU, Morgan teases Reid about the girl and falling in the pool.  Reid isn’t in the mood.  Because why would you be.  Reid tells Morgan they kissed, and Morgan tells him he was her hero so it’s not surprising she likes him.  Ok I can get behind that.  Reid asks Morgan if he’s ever crossed any boundaries with a victim in a case he was working, and although Morgan hasn’t (hm), he reassures Reid that it’s ok.  Reid asks Morgan if he’d ever known a woman he wanted to be with for more than one night (I guess Morgan is Barney Stinson?), and Morgan says some stuff about their job and personal relationships, and that Reid doesn’t need to control everything or decide anything right now.  All of which kind of makes me like Morgan better, because it really is pretty good advice.  Reid decides to keep a tabloid with a photo of the two of them on the cover and leaves for the night.  Aw Reid.

You guys, this episode was so chock full of hotness I almost don’t even care about the plot.  Ye gods.  Also though, it was a good, tight episode with plenty of drama, a couple of red herrings, and lots of detectoring.  Gideon comes off as just incredibly awful and unlikeable in this episode and I just can’t with that guy.  Reid was absolutley the star of the show, which I appreciated, obviously.  Now I’m off to have a cold shower you guys because seriously.


Reid’s hair floppiness ratio:  I’m giving this episode a 5 out of 10 because his hair was either super good or super bad.  Nothing in-between here.

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  1. Mmmm. Soaking wet Reid…there was a show here?


    • The moment that really got me was his untucked shirt over his holster and his hair all flopping everywhere there at the end. I actually think my jaw actually dropped open. Good lord.


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